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Catching the Slipped Commit

Imagine. End of the quarter is few weeks away. As head of marketing, in your Salesforce instance you run the latest campaign tagged opportunity report or look to your pre-defined dashboards for numbers due to close within the quarter. Outstanding Commit numbers look good; the leads that your team generated months earlier look to have hit the mark, they’ve been converted, moved along in the funnel and you’re in sync with sales. You’re going to hit your contribution numbers for the quarter.

Marketo Summit Japan

We are proud to be sponsoring Marketo Summit Japan. Come and join us on Tuesday 17th of February at The Westin Hotel in Ebisu. Keynote presentations from Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez, Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia and Don Shultz, Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University among others great speakers. Best to move quickly as registrations are filling fast . . . . details here.

Einstein’s guide to conversion rate optimization

OK so Albert Einstein really didn’t write a guide to increasing conversion rates. Instead, he just unlocked a few secrets of the universe 109 years ago (when he was 26, by the way). Throughout his career, Einstein came up with some brilliant quotes and in reading through some of his best it’s clear he could’ve mastered […]