Your Customer Journey is your Customers Experience

From Acquisition to Conversion and Retention, today every stage of the customer lifecycle is a dynamic, omnichannel element of a customer’s journey. 

To truly know your customer, and show your customer that you know them, you need to be able to react in real-time across any channel and communicate in the right way to create a better customer experience.

Combining intelligent decisioning and real time response, let us show you how to take control of that journey like never before, while delivering valuable insight into behavior and creating better customer experiences.

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What is it and how is it different?

A Journey Orchestration platform is a new class of software used to understand the customer journey and deliver personalized experiences that encourage customers to continue engaging with your brand as they move through acquisition, conversion or retention goals.

It differs from traditional marketing automation or campaign management because those generally operate at segment or audience-based levels. They are also largely outbound focussed and often disconnected from true omnichannel capability.

Journey Orchestration, on the other hand, focuses on the individual and their behavior. Rather than looking at customers as members of a segment that share similar attributes, Journey Orchestration looks at the customer as an individual who just opened an app or looked at a high value asset on your eCommerce site. Based on decision logic, it then triggers the best-next-action for that single person, at that single moment in time.

Core takeaways:



A Customer Journey for your business is the entire set of interactions that a customer has across a specific portion of their relationship with your brand. These various journeys take place across all the touchpoints that a customer interacts with during these relationships. 

They might interact on the Web and that interaction could influence the products offered when they visit a store location. What is critical to understand, is that these customer journeys are taking place right now for your business – whether you try to influence them or not.

Journey Orchestration is when you create and execute various journey logics with a real-time decision engine. A successful journey orchestration is an automated series of processes with the goal of improving the customer experience to achieve a better business impact.

When using journey orchestration, you steer customers through a journey toward more desirable outcomes using advanced decisioning to determine which customer information is relevant.

You can use that information to decide on the next best action to ensure you’re recommending the most relevant products or services, and real-time personalization to deliver the best experience for each individual.

Platform Capabilities

A complete decisioning platform
that connects your existing data and tech.

Journey Mapping & Design

Visualize your customer journey in a unique, intuitive journey planning interface

Orchestration & Automation

Turn strategy into action with a real time decision engine that unifies journey logic across your business

Measurement & Optimization

Understand and improve your journey results in real time with machine learning, AI, and advanced analytics

Data Integration & Analytics

Connect your existing tech stack with an agnostic API Library of over 100+ connectors

Superdrive is a certified Kitewheel Partner – A leader in the 2020 Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms report.


Everything You Need to Orchestrate the Perfect Customer Experience

Superdrive helps enterprise brands to plan and deliver real-time customer journeys and personalized experiences across all customer interaction channels and systems – websites, social networks, paid media, call centers, LINE, mobile apps and much more.

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