2015: the year marketing automation finally catches on

I often sit across the table from a new or prospective client and am amazed that we’re both living in the same year. No, they didn’t pull up to the meeting in a DeLorean or have an Ace of Base ringtone on their cellphone.What causes me to question if they’re aware that it’s 2014 is the way they are utilizing their marketing technologies. Read more

5 ways to engage better using biases of the brain

When a waiter gives you a small token of appreciation like a mint along with your bill, the chances of you giving him a tip are significantly higher. That’s because your brain is hardwired to be biased towards reciprocity. Scientists call these quirks in our brain cognitive biases. But our brains are not designed like computers, where every rule in the world of zeros and ones are literally interpreted and executed to a tee. Instead, our brains have evolved to take shortcuts in order for us to conserve energy and increase our processing speeds. But these very mental shortcuts result in perceptual distortions, inaccurate judgments, and illogical conclusions. It’s basically what makes us – well, human. Read more