Full-Funnel Campaign Methodology for Air New Zealand


Customer Challenge

Acquire net-new leads for Nurture and Accelerate Bottom Funnel Conversion through direct online e-commerce

Southern Hemisphere travel destinations have high awareness, but waning popularity among Japanese Travelers. Air New Zealand wanted to stimulate interest in New Zealand as a destination, conquest from other Southern Hemisphere destinations, accelerate velocity within their direct channel and ensure Air New Zealand was the preferred carrier.

Our goals were to:

  • Identify new marketing tactics and optimize existing digital advertising to accelerate bookings.
  • Create a robust data foundation that leads to an optimized digital campaign with proven lift in sales
  • Create a platform that can be re-used versus a campaign with no further value
  • Build Content Strategies that align with the interests of Dreamers, Planners and Bookers respectively
  • Target two audience profiles that have known propensity to be FIT Direct Audiences and further sub-segment the Content Strategies to meet the needs and interests of each of these profiles
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence to the Ad Serving Platform


  • We created two Customer Journey Funnels for Cautious Optimistic Travelers and Younger Independent Travelers – both with different interests and life stages.
  • Integrated customer profiles with online data by stitching user clicks/touchpoints data to a user id
  • Built Campaign Landing Pages against our funnel with tags to track journey transitions and enable the best next content and retargeting
  • We used Flixels and Cinemegraphs to presented conventional tourism imagery in an unconventional and highly engaging way
  • Segmented content into actionable segments, allowing for complete budget, bid, and and creative optimization for each segment.
  • Leveraging an Ai Platform, in near real-time we were able to deploy optimized creative mixes for each target segment, against each Planner, Buyer and Booker Customer Journey stage.
  • Built an omnichannel reporting schema out of Google Data Studio and Datorama to further enhance the activation and targeting across Paid, Owned and Earned channels


The Ai Platform iterated over 2.5 Million creative combinations throughout the campaign period.

The content that had optimized against audiences provided valuable insight into which copy and which visuals resonated best with the two segments at each stage of the Dreamer, Planner and Buyer customer journey. These learnings became the basis for future campaign development.

The social commentary from the creative stimulated a 180% uplift in content forwarding and sharing, increasing organic reach and acquiring future contacts for nurture programs.

Business Results:

  • 3x lift in Booking Transactions (at lower CPA) after optimizing the digital campaign ads targeting
  • 300% increase over target of net-new contacts acquired into top of funnel for Nurture
  • Booker CPA at 15% lower cost than historic campaign rates
  • 29% improvement in display CTR
  • 80% increase in Booker Revenue against previous period


Also available in: 日本語

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