Global Telco increases relevancy with Japanese customers for lead-generation using Superdrive full-funnel content framework


Customer Challenge

CenturyLink is a leading global telecommunication company but struggled with brand recognition, credibility and market share in Japan. Across the core pillars of their Japan operations, we needed to grow the customer database by generating net-new interest against the each of their three core solution offerings.

While the local Marcom function was strong, it is a small team and sales and marketing alignment process were poorly defined. Leads that were being acquired from events or traditional pathways, were usually routed directly to sales without proper qualification or nurture and therefor lead quality was a significant issue within the organization.

There was also a significant lack of localized content with much of the global content lacking contextual nuances that were important for the Japan customer base.



We began by overhauling the entire Marketing Generated Opportunity (MGO) process to obtain stronger Sales & Marketing alignment and to improve lead generation and lead quality. Once definitions and scoring paths were clearly aligned across the organisation we concentrated on the gaps in Customer Interest and an audit of current content (as the Global Content was not aligned with Japanese Customer Interests in the Journey to becoming a customer).

Media Planning & Buying:

Collaborating closely with SB Creative, Nikkei BP and IT Media we were able to properly understand the needs and interests of our potential customer base against Century Link Japans core offerings of Content Display Networks (CDN) and IT Agility. We were then able to design programs and content that resonated directly with customer interest and began generating a solid base of net-new leads.

Adaptation/Localization of Content

The audit revealed a strong need to re-contextualized the pipeline of Global Assets (eMails, White Papers & Landing Pages) for Japanese customers in order to work against our funnel stages and verticals. A significant portion of the Global content was deconstructed and adapted for the ongoing nurture programs we created for those leads acquired from Content Syndication programs

Original Case Study Development

To increase local relevancy, we worked with existing customers of CenturyLink Japan to develop a series of Japanese video case studies to augment the Global Case Study portfolio. This immediately improved lead engagement rates and contributed directly to improving reputation and credibility criteria against look-a-like customer portfolios. As this was the first time CenturyLink Japan has created local case studies, we led the entire production process with the Global Team and established a foundation for further local content development.

Creative Strategy & Recommendation

To ensure improvement of CenturyLink’s brand recognition and increase visitors to their website, we developed Paid Media Plan for Social Media Ad and Creative Strategy. We re-contextualized banners to better address the known needs from businesses in Japan.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

CenturyLink’s sales and marketing teams had to realign their overall marketing efforts to sales, as there was no process/operation after acquiring potential leads. Working with Superdrive we were able to obtain full alignment on lead definition/routing and build the Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Accepted Lead definitions clearly within the Marketo and Salesforce instances.



The new process allowed for a robust lead generation format driven against customer interest and a structured pathway to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). Sales and Marketing teams are aligned and Lead Quality for Sales Accepted Leads has improved significantly, resulting in quality conversations with leads.

  • Content process requirements against both the Japanese Customer needs, and Global Portfolio is well structured and delivering higher levels of engagement against our funnel in Japan.
  • Content Syndication contextualized from Survey data, continues to exceeded target rates
  • Keyman’s Net campagin is still on going, and constantly acquiring net-new contacts every month which are added to Nurture Tracks for progressive qualification.
  • The Video Case-Study format(s) produced in Japan were showcased as Best Practice and translated into English to become part of the Global Case Study Portfolio.

Also available in: 日本語

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