ABM Programs Streamline Heavy Industry for Chevron


Customer Challenge

Chevron Asia Pacific and Local Country Marcoms face complex and diverse business environments across Asia Pacific dealing with:

  • Long lead life-cycles
  • Complex buying and bid processes 
  • Direct and indirect Channels
  • Multiple markets and languages
  • Five different business sectors spanning Fleets, Truck & Bus, Mining, Heavy Industry and Turbines
  • Multi-brand, Multi-SKU portfolios

Traditional marketing programs involved long processes, direct channels and lacked the ability to link program costs to deal-outcomes. The sales and marketing alignment process/handshake was often being challenged given the direct relationships held with the existing installed client base.



We stood-up a Marketo Instance as the Marketing Automation solution and integrated it to the existing Salesforce ecosystem.

Beyond programs that we regularly create for Events, Newsletters, One-and-Done Messaging etc., there was also a very clear need to establish a robust Lead Nurturing Program against each segment to drive MQL/SQL opportunities over time. A considerable amount of time was spent developing these individual customer-personas and mapping the complex buying processes against business functions. Sales and Marketing teams aligned on journey stages, behaviour based intent signals and lead-scoring frameworks. This allowed us to build Transition Programs (versus time-based drip programs) that focussed on Journey Progression velocity and to improve lead quality.

With these enhanced Lead Lifecycle Models for each country and each segment, we built a series of Nurture Tracks using snippets and tokens to accommodate local country requirement’s around language, legal nuances and case-study themes.

These programs nurtured through a steady cadence that score behaviour and content consumption. Early stage activities were designed to build customer profile and gauge interest through engagement. Mid funnel programs were designed to stimulate and leverage hooks to engage deeper, where BOFU served direct engagement content.

Fast-tracks were also in place for high value or interesting moments.



Overall the outcome was an integrated best-in-class technology solution that effectively aligned marketing and sales, increased pipeline and accelerated sales opportunities for increased deal sizes and revenue growth.

The Asia Pacific team also established a global benchmark for best practice marketing automation programs. Our Nurture Programs and Content frameworks were ultimately cloned across partitions and used in North America, Latin America and European markets.

Interlocked Sales and Marketing teams are now connected and equipped with the right processes, tools and customer knowledge to truly drive Revenue Marketing. Success path analyzers were able to reveal the roles of individual functions within organizations as vital journey stages contributing to last touch attribution. The approach ultimately transitioned into an Account Based Marketing methodology which has proven successful across multiple industries.

Clearly defined processes and responsibilities across all roles directly involved in the APAC sales process, now drive significant improvements in accountability, success tracking and measurement for Chevron and LMs. 

The Campaign Management Dashboards effectively track content and program success and are fully integrated into SFDC for ongoing optimization and tactical planning.

Also available in: 日本語

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