VetPetz Introduces Direct to Consumer eCommerce


Customer Challenge

Vetz Petz Japan provides supplements to support the wellbeing of Pets in Japan. Their naturally derived product Antinol is particularly effective for improving mobility in aging cats and dogs or supporting specific breeds that are genetically prone to problems such as patella or dermatitis conditions. Anitnol is endorsed and sold through Vet Clinics as a non-prescription treatment. Repeat purchases can then be bought directly online from Vetzpets own eCommerce site utilizing unique discount codes from the recommending Clinic that attributes sales to that clinic.

Vetzpets needed to grow their direct-to-consumer eCommerce business while at the same time protecting and growing existing revenues coming from Clinics.. This was particularly important as Vet recommendations and endorsements had been the foundation of the business.

Anitnol is classified as a supplement and is governed by legislation in Japan that prohibits direct reference or claims about efficacy, despite a strong body of evidence from PetParents all over the world seeing significant improvement in their pets’ lives. So VetzPets had never used direct to consumer channels before because of the complexities of legislation and sensitivity to not undermining their existing Clinic business.

Their core challenge was to reach and generate trial from PetParents across Japan whose pets were both displaying symptoms that responded well to Antinol or owners of breeds that were prone to developing symptoms in the future. And to it in a way that would support the existing clinic business.



To reach and acquire trials from Pet Parents, we designed customer journeys that focussed first on pets that were already displaying symptoms (mid-funnel) and secondly on breeds that were susceptible to these same conditions in the future (top-funnel).

After extensive research we split our framework into two customer journey streams; one for Cat Pet Parents and the other for Dog Pet Parents to address the symptoms and vulnerabilities of specific conditions and breeds. The program was designed to acquire interest by giving pain and discomfort a voice that resonated with Pet Parents.

As we were unable to directly mention Antinol in the Paid Media Banners or create direct links to the website, we created a bridging page from issue identification to issue treatments, use cases and efficacy stories on our landing pages. This allowed us to stay compliant with both the Japan Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and also the Governance imposed on the category by Ad Networks such as Google and Yahoo.

However as we anticipated, while traffic through to the jump page was high, it also stalled or blocked progress to our planned customer journey framework due to a poor user experience. We were able to then pivot through retargeting this traffic to reacquire these contacts and drive them back to the Top Level Domain for the Antinol brand.

The website was redesigned to better support our acquisition and nurture User Experiences. We modified and enhanced integrations with ShopifyPlus, Shopify Landing Pages, DSPs and educational tie-ups. This resulted in a more robust website allowing new contacts to progress smoothly from Acquisition to Trial.



  • Through an agile approach to test and learn and rapid content iterations mid-flight based on performance, the campaign successfully met and exceeded its objectives.
  • The use of media tie-ups/content syndication coupled with the Paid Media funnel proved extremely effective when contextualized to the right journey step.
  • While direct campaign attribution to sale was a little opaque due to the jump page, overall volume and value improved across Clinics and eCommerce.
  • Over the campaign period, first touch attribution to more than 500 unique/net-new conversions occurred of which 20% moved to full subscription.
  • Over the campaign period we sustained a high inbound traffic rate and optimized costs, resulting in inexpensive and efficient transitions.
  • The cookie-pool and contacts acquired at top of funnel are being utilized post campaign to nurture and continue conversion goals for these net new customers.

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