Improving Lead Quality, Routing and Deal Size for HPE


Customer Challenge

HPE faced a dual conundrum. There was a growing volume of stalled last-stage leads & early-stage marketing generated opportunities (MGO) that were not progressing through the buyers journey. This was because of an unaligned and under-prioritized lead criteria and opportunities generated by marketing. 

It was important to resolve this and reset any misconception around the Marcom teams contribution to revenue in the organization,



Re-establish Sales and Marketing Alignment by improving lead quality via lead management, establish SLAs between sales and marketing, and accelerate /re-activate stalled opportunities on behalf of sales via these core solutions:

  • Activate and automate high-intent response/lead capture directly to data model
  • Define clear SLAs and consensus with Sales on Lead & MGO Management
  • Drive lead quality engine through Marketing Automation for genuine ‘Sales-Ready Leads’
  • Interlock with Sales to drive Early Stage Funnel Opportunity nurture programs & offers


  • 34% improvement in Conversion Rate.  Improved conversion rate of open opportunities to won by 34%
  • 55% Faster Velocity: Accelerated average days to convert to late sales stages of the sales cycle.
  • 7% Bigger Deals: Increased average deal size per won by 7% through this program.
  • Improved alignment between Sales & Marketing opening the door for more cross functional collaboration between sales and marketing departments

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