Real-Time Journey Orchestration for IQOS


Customer Challenge

IOQS needed to engage and retain current customers, but also intelligently acquire them as users of their new product. Once customers had switched to their product, the company also needed to help people complete onboarding activities to make sure they got the most out of their newer product. This meant they needed to send out relevant messages to their existing and new customers through email, LINE (a Japanese social media and messaging app), or to suppress them from communications based on their activity on the web, preferences or sometimes location. They also needed to ensure that customers were communicated with on their preferred channels and that each customer completed onboarding actions and was able to provide feedback on their program. Our client needed this process to be scalable, so that future loyalty, friend referrals, and other programs could run successfully.

We needed a solution that would allow them to onboard new customers and drive engagement with their existing customers. In the past, the company had sent out huge volumes of messages through email and Line channels which were not cadence controlled, expensive and costly to the business in terms of eroding the database through fatigue and opt-out rates. 



After selecting Kitewheel, we first had to deploy a new instance of the Kitewheel hub to Japan to ensure the best possible experience and to constrain cross-border data transfer. We were tasked with triggering a sequence of messages and then using Kitewheel`s advanced decisioning capabilities to determine if they should get an email, a LINE message, both, or neither. We then pushed this decision to their systems to send the correct message at the correct time across their guided membership. This essentially gave us three key tasks: 

  • Persona management 
  • AB testing 
  • Token tracking 

The Guided Membership began in one of two ways, with a customer either signing up, or receiving an “abandoned cart” notification if they were considering a purchase but left the page. Kitewheel’s systems then listened to the customer’s activity, both their expressed interest and by listening to customer’s behaviors across devices.

Once Kitewheel ingested the customer data, we were able to use the decisioning capabilities built into the Kitewheel hub to understand that behavior. If they had received communications on both email and LINE, but only engaged with the LINE channel content, then they would be intelligently weighted to receive more LINE communications in the future.

After the data had been ingested, processed, and analyzed, Kitewheel also used advanced logic to determine if a message needed to be sent at all. For example, if a customer had already completed step 2 of onboarding, they would not receive the now-unnecessary request to complete step 2. Instead, they would be pushed to complete step 3, speeding up their onboarding and increasing NPS as a result.

“By ingesting the customer’s previous activity and their responses or interactions with previous messages, we were able to switch customers to receive communications on the channel they interacted across the most. By building out this intelligent decisioning system over the company’s existing outreach program, we were able to make an already successful messaging sequence more contextually relevant to each individual customer.”

Head of Digital Marketing, Japan


Kitewheel`s Journey Orchestration solution created a more engaged and managed onboarding experience that was contextually relevant to lifestage and channel preferences. We stood-up a local instance of the Kitewheel hub that now powers the guided membership programs that millions of customers now experience. Every day, Kitewheel triggers new messages through LINE and Email using the most up-to-date customer data and Kitewheel’s powerful decisioning capabilities. 

The client is now able to engage customers on the customer-preferred channel. They can suppress, prioritize, and optimize messages, as well as choose the time and delivery method, resulting in an average of 14 million intelligently orchestrated interactions each week. Internal operational processes are now streamlined allowing teams to redeploy resources to focus on data-led insights for program enhancements.

Over the time Kitewheel has been deployed with market share for their new renewable product has increased from 15.5% to 17%.

Also available in: 日本語

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